Choosing Natural Health in 2022

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First, let me wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.   While 2022 isn't starting the way we'd hoped, I'm quite sure there has been a lot of individual reflection on the last 24 months and how life as we knew it has changed so dramatically.

How did we get here?

Why are we still here?

As someone who's been manufacturing natural liquid supplements for the last 8 years...and as someone who has grown up with parents who demonstrated the necessity of healthy living, I have to say that I am gob smacked by the irony of this time.

Why aren't we talking about natural health options? Why aren't we hearing from experts in natural medicines who can teach us about the natural ways in which we can support our immune system? Why is there no universal conversation about the benefits of nutrients and why supplementing is so critical?

I've been an advocate of supporting my own health through natural sources for as long as I can remember.  It's a daily way of life for me....and that includes making sure my body gets the right nutrients.  It's stood me in pretty good stead so far because I accept a couple of simple truths:

  1. Taking a liquid Multi Vitamin isn't a one-off.  It's an investment that keeps paying dividends as long as you take it. Research supports the value of the vitamins and minerals to help our bodies function well.
  1.  Sickness is part of life - and it always has been.  Supporting health through smart, natural supplementation affects how our system deals with sickness physically.... but it also influences our mental and emotional health and how we handle things like stress, anxiety, depression. "Health" isn't just about one thing, it's about everything.


Swift Liquid Supplements Multi-Vitamin


The benefit of giving your system some TLC with our daily natural supplements, like Daily Multi-Vitamin or Daily Immune Support, is that you're supporting your health, every day.

And I think it's safe to say that our system needs natural health support now more than ever.

Kudos to all of you who are already making smart natural choices to support your own health.   

And welcome to all of the newcomers who are boarding the natural health train... because there is nothing more important than your health.

Cheers to you!
- Deb

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