Why Liquid Supplements are More Effective than Pills

Why Liquid Supplements are More Effective than Pills

It's All About the Liquid

A healthy, balanced diet should be a daily goal for all of us. The simple fact is that the food on our plates today isn't the same as it once used to be. Changes in food cultivation and production is leading to increasingly less nutrient-dense foods.   As a result, if we want to meet micronutrient minimums to stay healthy, vitamin supplementation has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

But it's not just about taking vitamins, it's also about how we take them.

Advantages of Liquid Supplements

Fast Absorption
Shell casings of tablets, pills & capsules all need to be broken down before the nutrients can be released.   Studies have shown that this process can take up to several days which means that your vitamins and minerals could be flushed before you get the full benefit of them.   With liquid, the digestive system starts absorbing the nutrients the minute you take your first sip!
Effective Absorption
Years of studies have been done to compare and measure bioavailability of different consumption types - and liquid is the clear winner.   What does this really mean?  It means that the rate of absorption by the body is higher with liquids.  Higher absorption means more vitamins and minerals are entering your system.  That translates to more health value...and also to more cost value!  So if we want to maximize the benefits of our vitamins and minerals, drinking them is the way to go.
Easier to take
Quick and easy to swallow for kids, seniors, and anyone in between.

Now let's add the SWIFT liquid advantages to that list:

  • Great taste for the whole family to enjoy. Who says a liquid supplement can taste great? SWIFTIES do!   
  • Versatile. Try adding a daily SWIFT shot to juice or a smoothie, or maybe add it to your water bottle and enjoy while at work.
  • Convenient. We know you're busy, so just chill and pour your SWIFT. No fuss required.
  • Easy on the Wallet. Just pennies a day for your SWIFT liquid supplement.
Try drinking your vitamins, and cheers to your health!

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