Our Story

It all started (as many things do) over a glass of wine between friends. The combination of a couple of serial entrepreneurs, a successful Naturopathic Doctor and a great bottle of red, morphed into a discussion about health and the challenges of taking supplements in pill form. From that, the idea of creating a liquid nutrition alternative was born.

Our goal was two-fold: First, to provide effective, natural, tasty supplements so that people would want to take them.

Second, to use eco-friendly, economical packaging so people could afford to take them!

We hit the retail trail with a sample program using bag-in-box recyclable packaging - and that was how we launched our business. Fast forward 5 years, toss in a year of living through a pandemic and the topic of "health" and maintaining a strong immune system has taken on a whole new global meaning.

The creative team at All Day went back to work on the core mission of providing effective, great tasting liquid supplements in the most affordable and recyclable packaging available - enter the well-loved Tetra Pak®.

With determination and the help of our many great partners, the first SWIFT branded Tetra Pak® rolled off the Canadian production line in April 2021.

We are excited to begin this new chapter by staying true to our core mission, and sharing the amazing benefits of liquid supplements with the world.